Our collection of eternally popular venetian blinds brings a huge array of choice and style including traditional woods, contemporary painted finishes and even mirrored, textured and perforated slats to create a unique and practical window dressings. Perforated slats are designed to manipulate the light for a much softer effect. We offer 3 different grades of perforation 4%, 8%, 2/3.

Theromstop is a performance slat that stops heat radiation. Blinds manufactured with this unique slat control heat and light in the room and promote energy efficiency.

We offer 4 slat widths in either 16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm and every blind is manufactured on either the Sovereign or Alaric headrail to match or coordinate with the slat colour. Slats can be full rotated for privacy and light control.

  • 16mm slat - very fine almost invisited when tilted in the open position

  • 25mm slim and sophisticated, giving subtle fine lines of colour when open

  • 35mm - a wider choice for those wanting to follow the trend

  • 50mm makes a robut blind, ideal for very large windows and long drops


The Systems

The Sovereign is an elegant 16/25mm system with colour coordinated headrail, cord and ladder. The blind is raised and lowered by a cord and the slats are tilted using a transparent acrylic wand. As an alternative to the standard operation blinds can be raised, lowered and tilted using

the Uniwand system for Child Safety.


Partition Blinds

For blinds located within glass partitioning, we offer a partition knob option and the slats are tilted by turning a neat face fixed knob, located on the partition selection. The blind can only be tilted and not raised or lowered with this mechanism.

The 35/50mm stylish Alaric system is manufactured with white headrail,The blind is raised and lowered by operating cords and tilted using an endless cord loop.


For the ultimate style choose our Perfect fit Venetian Blind system that requires no drilling or screwing during installation. Quick and easy to install, stylish and contemporary in appearance (click here for Perfect Fit Blinds).