Amo’s range of Perfect Fit blinds has been created specifically for use with UPVC window and door frames. The blinds fit in a clever inner frame within the existing UPVC frame, meaning that the blinds move with the window rather than having to constantly reposition or move the blind when opening or closing a window or door.

For tilt and turn windows where traditional blinds can be cumbersome, Perfect Fit is a must to let the light and air floor into your home whilst still giving privacy and shade control when you need it. The careful tailoring of these blinds to fit the contours of your windows perfectly reduces gaps between the blind and window to eliminate light seepage and give a flawless result. Perfect Fit blinds are available in pleated or venetian styles.

The frames for Perfect Fit blinds are available in wood or white finishes to complement existing frames. With no cords or loops, these blinds are extremely safe for use in children’s rooms and nurseries.A wide choice of fabrics and finishes, including energy saving and heat reflective fabrics allows your customers to enjoy all the benefits this most modern of window treatments has to offer.